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Parker Jackson
Parker Jackson

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The story follows the adventures of a circus bear named Bongo who longs for freedom in the wild. Bongo is raised in captivity and is praised for his performances, but is poorly treated once he is off stage. As such, while traveling on a circus train, his natural instincts (the call of the wild) urge him to break free. As soon as he escapes and enters a forest, a day passes before his idealistic assessment of his new living situation has been emotionally shattered, and he experiences some hard conditions.

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In order to escape, Mickey must find the key and rescue his friends. He does so with the help of the musical harp, who begins singing Willie to sleep. Mickey almost alerts Willie to his presence by sneezing after falling into a box of snuff powder in Willie's pocket, but the same powder makes Willie sneeze and he loses sight of Mickey. Mickey frees his friends and they make a break for it with the harp. However, Willie wakes up from his sleep and spots them, giving chase all the way to the beanstalk. Mickey stalls him long enough for Donald and Goofy to reach the bottom as they begin to saw down the beanstalk. Mickey arrives just in time to finish the job of sawing down the beanstalk, and the gigantic villain, who was climbing down, falls to his offscreen death.

Back at Edgar Bergen's home, he finishes his story, saying that with the return of the harp, Happy Valley returned to prosperity. He then cheers up Mortimer Snerd who was crying about Willie's death, saying that Willie was a good giant who did not deserve to be dead. Just as Edgar says that Willie is a fictional character and not real, the giant appears, having survived the fall, tearing the roof off his own house in frustation. Willie inquires about Mickey's whereabouts, but Edgar faints in shock while Mortimer tells Willie goodnight. The movie then ends with Jiminy leaving the house at night and Willie noticing the Brown Derby restaurant and putting it on like a hat before stomping off to find Mickey, with the Hollywood lights blinking in the background.

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Although pitched to Auraria campus students, the introduction is free and open to filmgoers who want a compass for what will be a heady journey of viewing, receptions and lectures. Of particular note is a talk by renowned visual artist Kota Ezawa on Friday at 5 p.m.

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