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RedisInsight: A Desktop Application for Redis and Redis Stack Features

The RedisInsight desktop client allows you to download and use the RedisInsight UI locally. The desktop client is supported on Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu operating systems and works with all variants of Redis.

redisinsight download


Once the deployment and service are successfully applied and complete, you shoould be able to access RedisInsight.This can be accomplished by listing the using the External IP address of the service we created to reach redisinsight.

The problem is that the upgrade/install process tries to remove the older version (1.2.2) and needs the .msi I installed that version with, but I don't have that file anymore. And now I can't find anywhere to download it either.

Once you have successfully downloaded the RedisInsight client, it will automatically establish a connection with your Redis Stack Server. Remember that our Redis Stack Server is housed within a Docker container. To establish the connection between RedisInsight and your Redis Stack Server Docker container, ensure that the container is running. Navigate to your terminal and change the directory (CD) to the location where you have downloaded the RedisInsight file. Then, make the file executable.

For users, getting started with the new tool is relatively straightforward. RedisInsight is a piece of software that needs to be downloaded and then connected to an existing Redis database. The tool ingests all the appropriate metadata and delivers the visual interface to users.

- [Instructor] For this course, I will be using the RedisInsight platform, which is free, so I recommend you use this tool too. First, you will need to create a free account with the Redis Cloud in order to download RedisInsight. Here's a website that shows you how to create an account in a step-by-step fashion. First, create your free account using this link. Once your account is made, you want to make your RedisGraph database. That is outlined on step six and step seven. Once you've created the database as per instructions here, now you're ready to download RedisInsight. Go to the bottom of this page and click Connecting to the Database using RedisInsight. This should bring you here. Then, click New to RedisInsight. That should bring you now here to Getting Started with RedisInsight. When you scroll down, you'll see that you have options to choose your operating system in order to download RedisInsight. So choose your operating system and download it. That should allow you to connect your newly made dataset to the RedisInsight platform. To do that, follow the instructions here that's further down in the page, New to RedisInsight tab. Here, you want to click I already have a database. Then, you want to click Connect to Redis database. Then, you can add your Redis database by adding your host and port, which should be under the details in your earlier database. Just a note here. I have downloaded the RedisInsight Version One. I recommend you do that too. In most lessons, we'll be building our knowledge graph using Cipher. You can find a list of queries to create all of the example knowledge graphs in the chapter's slides notes. Furthermore, Redis offers a GitHub repository of different datasets. One of which, I will be using in later chapters. I'll show you how to do that. So navigate on your left in the Redis Developer page for query, visualize and manipulate graphs. This will outline you how to do the visualization, but more specifically, I want you to clone the Redis Git repository for their Game of Thrones demo graph. You can do that by following their steps 14 through 16, which is found here. Now you're all ready to get started on your RedisGraph journey.

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what are the system requirements for installing and running RedisInsight

what are the benefits of using RedisInsight over other Redis GUIs

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