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Parker Jackson
Parker Jackson

Nyloned She Males

Fiddler crabs of the genus Uca are semi-terrestrial animals that live on intertidal mud or sand flats [24]. Courting males of approximately 18 species sometimes build various kinds of mud or sand structures at their burrows such as hoods, pillars, and lips [25]. It has been demonstrated that the mud pillars in U. beebei [26-28] and the sand hoods in U. musica [25,29] function as sexual signals in attracting females. The sensory trap hypothesis has been suggested to explain the female preference for particular courtship structures [12,30]. It was recently found that the preference for hoods in U. terpsichores [11] and for pillars in U. beebei [10] could increase with the perceived predation risk, because the structures provided a direct survival benefit to females by allowing them to escape predation. However, female U. terpsichores did not show a directional preference for exaggerated artificial hoods which were conspicuously larger than average-sized natural hoods [30]. Nevertheless, females may prefer larger structures within natural variation and this possibility has not yet been explored.

nyloned she males

Here we tested if both the preference for a courtship structure and the preference for the size of the structure in the fiddler crab Uca lactea were shaped by the need of females to escape predation. Males of U. lactea build semidomes using mud at their burrows and wave their large claws to attract females for mating. Previous studies suggest that semidome building in U. lactea is related to courtship signaling [31] and the semidome has a function to attract females [32]. Given the evidence of previous studies, females may prefer larger semidomes over smaller ones if the courtship structure could provide a greater survival benefit to them.

Visiting frequency by females to artificial burrows with full-sized, half-sized or without semidome under (a) predator-present condition and (b) predator-absent condition in the arena test.

Why do females prefer males with larger structures? Given that females in the non-courtship context showed a directional orientation bias for larger semidomes under predation threat regardless of the reproductive cycle, larger semidomes may be more salient visual cues to provide protection to females. The consistency between female choice in the mate-searching context and female orientation response in the predation context [12,28,29] indicates that the preference for the larger signal may have originated from the female bias to escape predation. In other words, mate choice is linked to male-built structures that can serve as a landmark to keep females safe against predators. Characteristics of the fiddler crab's visual system may also explain why females prefer larger semidomes. The horizontal resolving power of fiddler crabs' eyes is poor compared to their vertical resolving power [33-35]. Accordingly, fiddler crabs are better able to resolve objects in the vertical than in the horizontal plain. Semidomes which are tall enough to be imaged within the zone of the acute vertical resolution of their eyes may be most conspicuous to fiddler crab females [36]. In the absence of predator cues, however, females responded differently to different-sized semidomes depending on the reproductive cycle. During the non-reproductive periods, females did not show any difference in the preference for burrows with different treatments. In contrast, during the reproductive periods, they showed different responses. Although females did not more preferentially move to full-sized structures than half-sized structures, they did prefer moving to burrows with structures over moving to burrows without structures. This result presents a striking contrast to the case of U. musica (later correctly identified as U. terpichores) where females have an orientation preference to structures, even without predator cue [29]. Therefore, the predator-induced sensory trap hypothesis [12] cannot fully explain the female preference on the structure building in U. lactea, as the effect of large structures decreased in the absence of a predator. Rather, structure building itself may have been selected by female choice independent of predation pressure.

Semidome building behavior of the males starts at the beginning of the breeding season in early June. During 3-5 day periods when the number of courting males peaks in each semi-lunar cycle, many males construct semidomes using mud at their burrows. The mean SD height and width of semidomes was 17.6 5.0 mm and 26.7 5.6 mm [31].

The experiment was conducted during the intense courtship period in which most of males constructed semidomes at their burrows. We selected an observation plot (approx. area: 150 m2) randomly in each experimental day. For every three adjacent actively courting males with semidomes in the plot, we removed all the semidomes already built and replaced them with full-sized, half-sized artificial semidomes, and nothing respectively. We deployed 50-70 manipulated clusters of courting males in randomly chosen plots. Thus, different-sized semidomes were randomly distributed across the observation area. We made the artificial semidomes prior to the experiment. Artificial semidomes were made out of clay to imitate natural semidomes, and colored with khaki dyestuff outside. We produced artificial semidomes in two different sizes: full-sized semidomes (17 mm/25 mm in height/width) and half-sized semidomes (8.5 mm/25 mm in height/width). In order to easily identify the three different experimental groups of males (with full-sized, half-sized, and no semidomes) from a distance, we marked each burrow with one of three colored (red, yellow and blue) wooden sticks (diameter: 2 mm; length: 10 cm) by inserting a wooden stick 10 cm away from each burrow. We daily designated and switched the color for each experimental group in a random order to control the effect of color of wooden sticks on female choice.

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