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Belle Delight Custom Firmware 1.0 Released For Nokia 808

Some phones never die. And the Nokia 808 is still going strong in some hands, thanks mainly to the untiring work of developers of custom firmware, who get around broken servers and certificates to keep an unsupported platform functioning in 2020. Here's news of a brand new version of Delight CFW for the Nokia 808.

Belle Delight Custom Firmware 1.0 Released for Nokia 808

Don't expect me to install this one, since updates are still incoming from Nokia for the 808 PureView, but I'm happy to report on the arrival of the popular 'Delight' custom firmware for the 808, with full details and all the links you need listed below. Any adventurous souls out there? Or maybe you were thinking of rebuilding your PureView anyway?(!)

Delight 1.0 for the Nokia 808 PureView is based on Belle FP2 113.010.1508, product code 059M7Q4, not that it matters too much, since once you've gone down the custom firmware route then you're off the reservation in terms of new over the air updates from Nokia. You should always be able to reinstall the 808's original firmware via Nokia Suite, mind you, so it's not a totally one way process.

Delight Belle Refresh v111.040.1511 Custom firmware for Nokia N8 has just arrived. Earlier we had tried XEON Belle Refresh CFW on our Nokia N8 upon user recommendations and it is still awesome. Only limitation in Xeon CFW was unavailability of multiple languages. For the sake of change you guys can try out Delight Belle Refresh custom firmware on Nokia N8 which has latest updated widgets and supports multiple languages.You have the flexibility to download your desired language set (ROFS2) before flashing and replace it with the one present inside the default CFW package. Detailed change-logs are available below. Before you start following this tutorial, we recommend you to have a look at Cfficial Nokia Belle Refresh Change-logs.

After flashing process, turn on your Nokia N8 set the region / date / time and allow the device to work on phases, it will take couple of mintues and will reboot automatically for once. Now you can start using your device with new custom firmware.

NokiaCooker is a PC software reserved to the Cookers, which allows to modify the files containing the phone's firmware to create customized firmwares versions named Cooked-Firmware.Nokia Cooker can modify data which is located in:- UDA- CORE (ROFS1 data only)- ROFS- ROFxWARNING:Not all the ROFS/ROFx can be modded!Modding a protected ROFS/ROFx you'll risk to brick the ...

Few days back we have posted latest version of Leaked Belle (credits to CodeRus), today we have got custom hacked firmware of the latest version of leaked Belle (credits to ivo777 for CFW v3.1). You will observe following changes in this CFW and can flash it easily with our easiest tutorial guide.Software version: 111.020.0203The build ...

Dead USB Mode Flashing for Nokia N8 via PhoenixWhat if your Nokia N8 becomes Dead after trying to flash a custom firmware via Phoenix? Don't worry still you can recover back using Dead USB mode in Phoenix. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps mentioned below:1. The procedure is the same ...


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