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Buy Organic Hemp Seeds

Shelling the hemp seed reveals the most nutritious and tender part of the seed: the heart. Ready to eat right out of the bag, Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts offer nutrition seekers a simple and delicious ingredient that adds plant protein and nutrients to any recipe or meal.

buy organic hemp seeds

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Grown on small family-owned organic farms in the fertile prairie region of central Canada, our raw Hemp Seeds are de-shelled so all that you're left with is the soft, nutritious hemp hearts. Hemp is known as one of the best sources of highly absorbable plant protein, making hemp a true superfood. Hemp Seeds also contain all the essential amino acids and fatty acids necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They have a light, smooth and slightly sweet flavor that blends easily into smoothies. Use to make delicious hemp milk, or add to salads, yogurts, fruit bowls, cereals for a complete meal. Our raw Hemp Seeds are at the apex of nutrition!

Our Hemp Powder is made by gently milling and cold-pressing organic hemp seeds. This removes some of the oil content and results in a powder that is high in protein, fiber and minerals. Which is better? That depends on your dietary goals and how you plan to use your hemp! The omega-rich seeds are great for sprinkling onto yogurt, oatmeal and salads, or for blending into creamy dressings. The powder is a convenient, high-protein ingredient for smoothies, smoothie bowls, energy bites and baked goods.

Hemp seeds are directly extracted from the hemp plant. They have a hard, nut-like outer shell and a soft inside, which is known as the hemp heart. We use a low-temperature process to hull our hemp seeds, resulting in the tender organic hemp hearts that fill our bags. While the crunchy hulls are edible, the hulled hemp seeds are more versatile, and can be easily sprinkled on salad, ground into nut butter, or whizzed into a delicious hemp seed milk to pour onto cereal or blended into smoothies.

No, our hemp powder does not contain THC or CBD. These compounds are primarily found in the flowers, leaves, and stems of cannabis plants. While extremely low levels of THC or CBD can occur in some types of hemp seeds, ours are propagated for the lowest levels possible. All of our hemp must be tested by third party, independent labs before arriving at our facility in the US, and they always return non-detectable THC & CBD results.

Hemp was a vital part of the early American economy but was banned in 1958. Through extensive advocacy for legalization, Nutiva helped pave the way for its comeback. Today, we continue to fight for your right to organic foods and have donated $1MM towards programs that support hemp agriculture.

No. Hempseed is not to be confused with marijuana. Although the two plants are related, hemp products contain only trace levels of THC and will not cause a psychoactive effect. If the only source of THC in your body is from hemp foods, eaten in reasonable quantities, it is virtually impossible to fail a drug test by ingesting hemp foods. Through a third party provider, THC levels in our products are tested and verified to ensure the levels are below 10 ppm (parts per million).

Also known as shelled hemp, hemp hearts, or hemp nuggets, hulled hemp seeds might just be the best-tasting food on the planet! They are also considered by leading researchers and medical doctors to be one of the most nutritious food sources on the planet. Soft and delicate with a creamy texture and a pleasant nut-like flavor similar to that of a pine nut or sunflower seed. Just one or two spoonfuls can transform any recipe into a super nutritious & nutty treat! Delivered fresh, and with an 18-month shelf life, devour these hemp hearts any time you feel like a snack or even grind them up and use them instead of bread crumbs!

To assure consumers that eating our hemp foods does not cause a confirmed positive drug test for marijuana, we have partnered with the TestPledge program. Foods Alive is committed to keeping THC levels in hemp nut and hemp oil below levels at which failing a workplace drug test is extremely unlikely, even when eating high amounts of these products on a daily basis.

Raw organic hemp seeds have a wonderful nutty taste similar to pine nuts. For a protein boost, mix raw hemp seeds in smoothies, cereal, omelettes, or yogurt. They are also delicious blended with other ingredients to make a salad dressing. For a real treat, try them in a chia seed pudding.

As a highly digestible source of plant-based protein, raw organic hemp seeds are great for athletes, vegans, and vegetarians. Hemp seeds are a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids, which are required for our bodies to build protein and must be obtained through food.

Raw organic hemp seeds also contain a healthy 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids which is rare in many of the foods consumed in Western diets. A proper balance of these essential fatty acids is important for controlling inflammation levels and preventing chronic conditions like heart disease. Hemp hearts are also a great source of nutrients such as vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant to protect cells, and minerals like iron, which wards off fatigue and boosts energy levels.

Hemp Seeds, also known as hemp hearts, dehulled hemp seeds or hulled hemp seeds is the number 1 product from this amazingly versatile plant. Hemp seeds contain high quantities of the digestible protein edestin (contains all 10 essential amino acids) and the omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 and GLA essential fatty acids. In this form hemp seeds are non-germinating yet fully digestible* without soaking (unlike most nuts and seeds)

Soft, tasty Hemp Seeds can be used for making making Hemp Milk, Hemp Ice Cream, Hemp Hommus, sprinkled onto breakfast, lunch and dinner meals or eaten on their own. Hemp seeds are good to go straight from the packet. What some more ideas? See our Recipes page heaps of hemp goodness meals.

New to hemp seeds or just looking for some yummy recipes ideas? Simon Toohey shows us 3 amazing recipes and tells us why these little seeds are such a super food! You can find the full recipes and more from Simon here.

Used around the world in a myriad of recipes, hemp seed is the perfect addition to your pantry. A spoonful in your smoothie, salad, rice or pasta is the ideal addition for a nutritionally balanced meal. If you are feeling adventurous, check out the many recipes available to take your cooking repertoire to the next level!

In addition, hemp seed has exceptionally high levels of the amino acid arginine. Hemp seed has been used to contribute towards treating various disorders for thousands of years in traditional oriental medicine. Recent clinical trials have identified hemp seed oil as a functional food, and animal feeding studies demonstrate the long-standing utility of hemp seed as an important food resource.

Hemp has been cultivated for millennia for fiber, clothing, paper, building materials, and of course, food. With a mild, nutty flavor and pleasantly soft texture, our hemp seeds add a superfood boost to any sweet or savory dish!

Raw and certified organic, our shelled Hemp Seeds are an environmentally friendly product that is sustainably grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. They are carefully prepared using a cold process to ensure that delicate enzymes and nutrients remain intact to bring you the highest quality, purest hemp seeds available.

Organic peeled hemp seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber, making them the perfect choice for people looking for a healthy snack alternative. Thanks to their high nutrient content, hemp seeds can help you stay energized and focused throughout the day. With their rich, nutty flavor, our organic hulled hemp seeds are a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet.

Add some oomph to your morning oats or smoothie bowl with organic hemp seeds. These nutritional powerhouses add a creamy texture and nutty taste, while providing protein, healthy fats, and all the essential amino acids your body needs. You can cook or bake with them, or top off your favorite foods, like yogurt, cereal, or granola. Plus, they are versatile enough to use in salads, stir-fries, and more. Add some delicious variety to your nutrition with organic hemp seeds today!

One such rigorous standard that our agronomists look out for is that absolutely no chemical sprays like fungicide, herbicide, and insecticide can be used on any of our hemp crops. This is written into our contracts with farmers.

Ventura Seed Company applies the same care and nourishment to our seeds as we do to all aspects of our business. Our hemp farm sits in the lush coastal mountain valley of Ventura County, CA. We work side by side with our teams on the farm, providing industry training, competitive wages and a quality work environment for each employee. We are as committed to the product as we are to the process, creating a group of highly motivated individuals committed to excellence at every step. Being genuine and honest is a key ingredient to our success and to the success of our neighbors, partners and customers. If you looking to buy Hemp Seeds, please Contact Us today!

Since the U.S. government relaxed restrictions on hemp farming in the Farm Bills of 2014 and 2018, many farmers have started planting this lucrative crop. If you are interested in adding hemp to your farm, you might be wondering how to get started. The answer is simple. Start with the right hemp seeds. Every farmer knows that the key to a successful crop begins with quality seeds. But how do you find hemp seeds for growing, and how can you evaluate the quality of the seeds?

Hemp is an extremely versatile plant that can be farmed for a variety of different purposes, including fiber, grain, cannabidiol (CBD) extracts, cannabigerol (CBG) extracts, or smokable flowers. Different hemp seeds are cultivated to enhance the production of one or another of these features. 041b061a72


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