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Bracelets For Couples: their significance

While many couples exchange rings as part of their engagement ceremony, this was not the norm long ago. While the tradition of exchanging rings as a part of weddings has been in place for a long time, engagement rings in their current form are relatively new in.

Over time, different countries have created their own distinct customs and traditions regarding engagement rings. The rituals and customs surrounding engagement and engagement rings evolve constantly. It is long since the days that a couple could only consist of one man and one woman. The customs and the culture have changed to be more vibrant.

We will tell you how the tradition surrounding the engagement ring came about and what else you should know to know about this stunning piece of jewelry.

How long has this tradition been in existence?

The tradition of exchanging engagement rings is believed to have roots in Pope Stephen who is also known as Saint Stephen. He was Pope from 254 until his death in 257 AD and a strong advocate of the insolubility of marriage. The purpose of the engagement ring is to symbolize and strengthen the marriage vows of both parties.

In the Christian religion, the ring is used as a symbol of marriage. Since the 13th century brides and grooms placed rings on one another's hands at weddings in churches. The distinction between engagement rings and wedding rings was not a norm for a long time after that.

In other sources, the custom of an engagement ring dates back to prehistoric times In the beginning of Greece it was believed to be commonplace for the groom to gift his beloved a ring as an expression of love and love. The Roman Empire also passed down similar traditions with a ring of iron that was decorated with small keys was used to signify the connection between two people.

And finally, there is a historical connection between the engagement ring and ancient Egypt which may provide a possible explanation for why it's still a common practice in some countries to wear the engagement ring on the left hand. The arterial connection to the heart is in the left arm.

In the Middle Ages it was common to present a bride with an iron ring, as a symbol that she had received her Dowry. Even then, the wealthier could get extremely elaborately designed rings and some were set with diamonds.

The tradition of giving an engagement ring made of gold with a gemstone, or diamond to signify marriage commitment is considered to be a relatively recent custom. It dates back to an advertising campaign by the diamond company De Beers. The slogan "A Diamond is Always Lasting" continues to be used today.

Engagement rings and their significance in Germany

The meaning of the engagement ring Germany has been used since the 20th century. couples exchange rings to signify their engagement, a symbol of their marriage promise. Sometimes these rings are worn as wedding rings following the wedding ceremony. The rings are then moved from the left hand to the right. If the couple decides to wear wedding rings at the wedding ceremony, the engagement rings are typically removed.

Traditions of engagement rings in the USA

In the USA the engagement ring will typically be given to the bride. In many Hollywood films the groom presents the bride an engagement ring as part of an elegant and romantic marriage proposal. The ring is usually used after the wedding as an additional ring to the wedding band. The custom is gradually spreading to other countries.

Tradition of engagement rings in Turkey

This is also the case when it comes to the engagement ring tradition. In Turkey it is also part of the tradition associated with the planning of a wedding. Unlike in Germany, however, in Turkey the parents of the groom's bride typically visit the parents of the bride to discuss the situation. Over tea, the subject of weddings is discussed. If everyone agrees that their children should get married, the future bride-to-be and groom are presented with engagement rings. The red cord connects the rings. The cord is cut by a friend to signify the marriage.


The engagement ring can reflect back on a lengthy and varied history. There are many similarities, despite the differing customs and practices that exist across different nations today. The engagement ring is a universal symbol of promise. lasting affection. It doesn't matter in what form the ring is presented, but what exactly an engagement ring looks like, and whether it's an engagement rings for one of the partners or rings that are designed for both partners.


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