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Henry White
Henry White

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KM: I loved working with the entire cast of Ready or Not. Everyone was amazing but my scenes were mostly with Samara Weaving, Kristian Bruun, Melanie Scrofano and Ethan Tavares (who plays my brother), so I became closest to them. They all kept the atmosphere on set light and fun even though we were shooting some pretty heavy scenes. There was a lot of laughing behind the scenes and sometimes during the scenes too. I recently got a blooper reel sent to me by Fox Searchlight and when you watch it you can see that everyone had fun filming this movie and genuinely liked each other.

Watch tt7798634

This one gets me every time I watched it I forget things that happen this movie has some of the most amazing acting out of all of them with maybe a tie for this and the nun both of which is amazing acting wise! 041b061a72


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